A Reddit user, whose parents (married for 48 years) have been both diagnosed with cancer, posted a tear-jerking image of them hugging along with the caption: “My father has been hospitalized with complications from treatment for esophageal cancer since Friday. My mother is in the middle of chemo for gallbladder cancer and hasn’t been able to visit him because the hospital is too dangerous for her. Today his doctor let him meet her in the courtyard.”Photo: Reddit
“I fully got into bed and held my phone sobbing when I got this. Simultaneously so happy and so devastated. Honestly, it’s been a really rough few days and then I got that photo and thought “the world is terrifying and horrible things happen but also THIS still exists.”The thread inspired other users to open up about their own struggles with cancer: “This is simultaneously sweet and devastating. I’ve lost a few loved ones to cancer, but I’ve got survivors in my family too. Fu*k cancer. Hope you and yours pull through. While another wrote: My only real advice is to take a lot of pictures and videos where she can hear her voice. My family was all about “living in the moment” and you hear people complain often about people “watching life thru a screen” but now we barely have any pictures and literally not a single video or voice recording. Whenever I see a picture of them I’ve never seen it truly guts me, but in a good way like wow they did exist and there’s proof!”The Reddit user who posted the image responded to the comments: “Thank you. They’ve been married 48 years and they aren’t perfect but dammit, the hardest part of this last week has been my mother feeling like she’s falling down on the job by not being at his side. It is a cruel and brutal part of this whole fu*king thing that guts me. Photographic evidence that love is real and exists even in the most horrible moment.”
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