When Karli and Ty were planning their wedding, they knew they wanted to take pictures during a “first look.” But what Ty didn’t know was that Karli had a touching surprise up her sleeve.

Ty is color-blind and hasn’t been able to see in color for his whole life. Due to this, he was unable to help Karli with picking out colors and themes for their wedding like he wanted to.

Photo: YouTube/Sea Jay Films

Karli knew how badly Ty wanted to see in color like everyone else, so she went above and beyond to make it happen on their special day.

Karli purchased EnChroma glasses, which can cost around $350, and give colorblind people the ability to see in color.

Photo: YouTube/Sea Jay Films

During their first look, Karli took out the pair of sunglasses and handed them to Ty, while explaining to him what they were. He couldn’t believe it and immediately was in tears when he put them on. For the first time in his life, he could see a world of color around him.

Karli became emotional by Ty’s reaction, and the two of them shared this special moment while their videographer Sea Jay Films captured the entire thing on video.

Photo: YouTube/Sea Jay Films

“WAIT! You guys get to see this everyday!?” Ty said, as he looked at all of the colors with his new glasses on.

This touching story should remind us all not to take anything for granted, even seeing the colors around us.

Watch the heartwarming moment that the groom sees in color for the first time in the video below:

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