An artist who lives in southwest Florida but is known internationally is putting her skills to use by helping cancer patients feel pampered and beautiful.Micky Maddux is an artist of many talents. According to her website, “She specializes in custom art pieces utilizing many types of medium such as oil, acrylic, charcoal, stained glass and metal work. Micky is well versed in special-effects makeup other specialties include woven rugs, baskets, pottery, and custom furniture.”She has worked with multiple charities over the years, but her latest experience was an event of her own making: offering free, beautiful henna crowns to cancer patients.Photo: YouTube/FOX 4 Now
She currently works at Painting With A Twist, which is a public art studio in Port Charlotte, Florida. The studio holds fundraisers once a month, but Maddux has added her own charity events at the studio. In March, she held her first free henna crown event — the same month the studio had a fundraiser that donated to cancer research.Photo: YouTube/FOX 4 NowShe created the event with the intent of encouraging and uplifting anyone with cancer. The henna ink she used is plant-based and can last about three to four weeks.“Feeling strong and confident is a big part of this. They have to know you’re gonna make it through this,” Maddux said.Photo: YouTube/FOX 4 Now
One of the patients she worked with at the event was Southarak Wathanaphone. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, but is now grappling with her third recurrence of the disease.“This is my third fight. I’m still fighting,” Wathanaphone said.Photo: YouTube/FOX 4 NowLiving in Florida can make wearing a wig problematic since it gets so hot there. For Sharon Hirkey, another one of the women who took part in the event, wigs get so uncomfortable in the heat that she normally just wears scarves. Losing her hair has been the hardest part of fighting the disease. Getting a henna design was a positive experience for her.Other businesses and neighbors in Port Charlotte donated gifts and services to the event to put into care packages.
Photo: Facebook/Micky MadduxMaddux says she hopes to hosts events like this every month, and not just in Port Charlotte.“This is the first of many henna crown events I will be hosting in different cities throughout South Florida in the next year and I will ALWAYS offer my services for FREE to anyone battling cancer,” she wrote on Facebook.Photo: YouTube/FOX 4 NowLearn more in this video.Proper BCS greatergood_ctg_abovevideoSource