When Deb Shaffer was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, her doctor told her that she might make it two more years. But for Deb, that wasn’t nearly enough.

“At the time, my oncologist gave me two years, and I found that completely unacceptable,” she recalls. “Especially on the day of my first surgery, my son started his first day of eighth grade.”

So she sat down and had a long talk with God about the situation. She told Him she didn’t min shuffling off this mortal coil so early, but she couldn’t bear to leave her son motherless so early in his life.

Photo: Facebook/Deb Schaffer

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“I plumped myself down and I said, ‘OK God, this is not how this is going to go down,’” she recalls. “‘I will do what you need me to do.’”

But what exactly was it that God needed her to do to survive? Deb says the answer just came to her.

“The universe came through, and it was like, ‘Girl, go out to your garden and look what you’ve got,’ and I just started creating,” she explains.

Photo: Facebook/Deb Schaffer

So Deb got started working with herbs and spiritual elements to heal and uplift herself. As she learned more about this unique art form, she decided she needed to start a business to help others going through difficult times find their inner peace as well.

“I create products that blend inspiration from the universe with the magic that the earth gives us,” says Deb. “I work with their energetic, their spiritual, and their magical properties to create candles and incense blends. All kinds of things that would help elevate your energy or vibe.”

Photo: Facebook/Deb Schaffer

Now, 15 years after her original cancer diagnosis, Deb is flourishing in her work as a spiritual herbalist and owns a little business called Enchanted Botanicals. Deb’s goal is to make the people who use her products feel more powerful and uplifted.

“And if I can do that, high five to me, I’m hitting my mission!” she says.

Not everyone believes in the magical properties of Deb’s herbal remedies, but you can’t argue with the fact that her lifestyle is working out well for her. After all, she’s already lived 13 years longer than her doctors ever thought possible! Way to go, Deb!

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