Liz Burnis’ breast cancer was caught early, and she was able to complete five years of treatment to keep it at bay. She wants to make sure other women survive their own breast cancer diagnoses, and she and two friends are running the length of Michigan to help.

It won’t just be a race, though. The women also plan to make dedications to breast cancer survivors and others still battling the disease. Unfortunately, Jacobs says she knows too many women who find themselves in these categories.

She says, “I know several women who have been affected by breast cancer and lost a dear friend to an aggressive form of it in the last year. I truly want to help prevent this horrible disease so more women can live full lives as moms, daughters, sisters and friends.”

The trio has already gotten to work ahead of their June run, which will take place from the 4th through the 11th. They’re seeking event sponsors, they’ve been going on training runs, and they even did a “Squats for Bucks” challenge, in which they raised $400 and did 400 squats as a result.

To follow their preparation to tackle those 300-plus miles, or to see how you can meet up with them along the way, check out their event Facebook page.

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