Daughter And Her Terminally Ill Dad Go On Bucket List Adventures In His Final Days

72-year-old Patrick Mitchell loves life and always wanted to live past 100, but everything changed when he found out that he had terminal stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

But his diagnosis didn’t stop him from living, in fact, it motivated him to set out to do even more things during the time he has left on this Earth.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Mitchell made a bucket list of adventures and his daughter, Vanessa, even took off work so she could accompany him and check items off. Vanessa posted on Facebook, asking people for ideas, and the response was overwhelming.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

People from all over the world were inspired by his story and began offering him and his daughter experiences and tours including a Navy helicopter ride and a tour of Navy assault ship U.S.S. Making Island.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

They were also gifted a VIP trip to Las Vegas, where they stayed at the Paris Hotel. While there, a UFC executive gave them tickets to a big UFC fight.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

When Mitchell started to feel weak and couldn’t travel anymore, his daughter surprised him with a violinist who serenaded him with his favorite songs in his California backyard.

Sadly, Mitchell passed away last week, but he died doing the things he loved and checking so many things off his adventurous bucket list.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

“To have this extra flood of love and support from complete strangers just absolutely made a difference for him,” Vanessa told Inside Edition. “He was completely moved by the spirit of humanity, thanks to everyone around us just scooping us up into this big hug, and I’m just so forever grateful for.”

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