6th Grader Saves Classmate From Choking & Woman From House Fire All In Same Day

Davyon Johnson, a sixth grader in Oklahoma, was named an honorary police officer and honorary sheriff’s deputy during a Muskogee School Board meeting, after he saved the live’s of two different people in the same day.

First, Johnson saved a classmate who was choking by performing the Heimlich maneuver on them. The student was removing a cap from their water bottle to fill it up when the cap got stuck in their throat. Johnson noticed his classmate choking, and immediately jumped into action, dislodging the cap and saving his classmate’s life.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

Later that evening, he helped a woman whose house was on fire. As soon as he saw the woman trying to escaped her burning home, he quickly helped her escape her porch and get to her vehicle to safety.

Johnson wants to be an EMT when he gets older, so he definitely got to put his skills to the test.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

Johnson sadly lost his father to COVID-19 last year, and said he heard his dad’s voice in his head encouraging him to help others.

Johnson and his mom spoke about his life-saving experience on the TODAY show, where he said it felt amazing to help others.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

To thank the young man for his bravery, TODAY surprised him and told him they are sending him and his mom to Universal Studios.

Hear the incredible stories that he shares on TODAY in the video below:

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